Hard Money Loans

Hard Money LoansHard Money Loans

Hard Money Loans are available thru our Private Equity Fund. If you are Flipping homes or even buying, rehabbing then renting, our Fund offers specific differences. We have been involved in over 8000 Loans to Investors buying Investment properties. This type of loan is made to your LLC.

We Offer:

  • 90% of the Purchase Price
  • 100% of the Rehab Budget
  • 12 months loans that we can Refinance to 30 year rental property loans if you decide to keep the investment property.

If you are an experienced Investor or buying your 1st flip, we can help you with our Hard Money Loan so your process can happen faster. Low cost funding for your deal.Hard Money or what we call Soft Money is a loan based on the property value, not so much the Borrower.

It is EZ to get Hard Money Loans from us. Find your property, make an offer and once the offer is accepted we go to work for you. If you have contacted us prior and are pre-approved for the new hard money loan you can expect to close in about 10-15 working days.

The normal is a 10% down payment plus closing cost. Expect to have taxes & insurance escrowed and 3 months payments pre-paid in the closing cost. Expect down payment & closing cost to be about 20% of the total purchase price including Escrow & Title cost.

The Rehab is approved when you submit your contractors bid. Once a part of the work is completed, we will send an inspector to sign off on the work completion and the next day wire those rehab funds to you from your approved rehab draw budget. Then you may apply for Hard Money Loans. Apply Now or give us a call. 800-585-1870

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