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Refinance Mission Viejo,Mission Viejo Mortgage Refinance

Refinance Mission Viejo,Mission Viejo Mortgage RefinanceRefinance Mission Viejo,Mission Viejo Mortgage Refinance

Getting a refinance can be a challenge and most home owners just don’t understand the process. With just a bit of advice you can breeze thru and get a Refinance Mission Viejo,Mission Viejo Mortgage Refinance quick and easy and at low rates.

In any mortgage situation, there are guidelines to follow. These are just certain conditions the lender will require to give you a loan. Once you become familiar with these and get a better understanding you will find the entire ordeal much easier.

Mortgage Rates Mission Viejo

The first thing borrower’s seem to do is focus on the rate. Forget the rate…that comes later. Mission Viejo mortgage rates will vary some between lenders but not much. What can vary is the fees you pay, the experience and service you receive and how fast your loan funds.

The other thing is to understand mortgage interest rates Mission Viejo. A 1/4% interest rate up or down will only change the payment about $15-20 per month most of the time. Many times we see someone so focused on the rate, opportunities pass the buy. Ask your lender, give me 3 people you have refinanced in the last 45 days that start to finish it was done in less than 30 days. You just separated the men from the boys.

Don’t miss the opportunity to call a reference the lender gives to you. A brief 10 minute call can save you thousands and weeks of worry. You don’t care what rate the got. Yours will be different. You do care about how long it took, what they recommend would help your situation now that they have went thru it.

FHA Loans Mission Viejo

Many home owners purchased their property using a Mission Viejo FHA home loan. The problem is every month they are pouring hundreds of dollars out in mortgage insurance. Now is the time to do a refinance Mission Viejo to a conventional loan without the MI.

The MI ( mortgage insurance) will run about 0.85% up to 1.25% per year. If you have 20% equity in your home you will not need any insurance. If it is less than the 20%, you can get private insurance much cheaper. You will want to work with a lender who specializes in this type refinance.

The ProcessRefinance Mission Viejo,Mission Viejo Mortgage Refinance

Once your lender has the completed application they will request a set of documents. Tax returns, pay check stubs, ect. Get it to them. All of it and all of it complete. Don’t give them bank statements missing pages because there was no info on it. Only you see it has no info. The lender sees the statement is 10 pages and they only have 8 of them.

Your lender will run a Fannie Mae Approval on the application. This is known as a DU approval. You want that done immediately and you want a copy of it. Read every bit of the DU approval and see exactly what the lender sees is needed to get this file funded. Getting a home loan refinance Mission Viejo will take some effort but usually worth the effort.

The next thing is to get an appraisal. The lender will order this and it is common for you to pay for it. Typical $500,000 property value cost about $400-450.

Once the appraisal come in, the lender will submit the file for Underwriting review. They will issue conditions of items needed to close the loan. From start to finish the entire Refinance Mission Viejo,Mission Viejo Mortgage Refinance should take no more that 15-20 days. If it takes longer, get another lender.

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